Lapsos is the title of a comic book of my own. The idea of ​​typography was to remember a dirty brush style that reflected the HQ logline: Depression, toxic relationships, loneliness, and friendship. All this in a world of Lapses of memories.
The idea was also that soon it would be possible to see the words Lap and S.O.S, which would indicate a call for help due to cyclical and vicious attitudes. For this the "Lap" was slightly inclined almost as it was in italic. Meanwhile, the "sos" maintained a closer orientation of 90 °.
Dirt and thick, flawed traits help to remember concepts such as fragmentation and weight, concepts that can well be portrayed through narrative storytelling.
To create the typography was used as inspiration fonts such as: Levi Brush, DK Cinnabar Brush and Flood.
The types were created in Photoshop using dirt brushes and the basic round brush, without spacing. Later they were vectorized in Adobe Illustrator until they reached the current visual.
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